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Balance, fairness and opportunity.

photo-avakids The aim of Avacafe is to help create a marketplace that is more representative of the true needs and desires of all involved. It gives companies a better tool to reach its interested audiences, and funds non-profits all in one transaction. Avacafe is not affiliated with any political movement and does not sell any information to anyone. As we build Avacafe from the ground up from the efforts and dedication of ordinary working people, we promise to deliver a system that can make a real difference in your community. If you are looking for a way to make money, yes, you can do that here, too. As an Avatar, your income can be supplemented with your regular salary, or you can make a living from promoting the Avacafe system. New entrepreneurs can also get answers they need to become successful without a huge investment by getting the information they need. We have something here for everyone!

But it is important to know about the people of Avacafe. Identities are protected in our system, but I would like to introduce the conceptual person behind this idea. If you have any questions, please send an email to info@avacafe.com.

(Letter from the founder)      Ten years ago a message was delivered. The message was about change. And since that message has entered my mind, change has been with me since. Ten years ago I decided there was nothing more important than finding a way to make an improvement in where I lived. The Internet was a virtual infant then. Web pages only contained letters and links to other web pages. There were no images on the web. This was the age before spam. It was only ten years ago!

Keitan - fern

     But in those days of simplicity and clarity, the idea was planted in cyberspace. A self-published paperback book and a presentation to the United Nations were the first attempts in building the idea, but it was still too early, and the delivery needed to be refined. So in that span of time, I changed some more to prepare for the moment that I believe is now here. Avacafe is the vehicle I am building to get us there.

Keitan - saguaro

     I hope you like what's being created here. Periodically, I plan to share more about the idea while it prepares for its debut. In the spirit of openness, I welcome you to find out more about me and the character that made up the Avacafe idea. My avatar's name is Keitan, and you can read more about me here.

Keitan - moonphase