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Welcome to the New Marketplace!

Getting the information you need to make your new or existing company prosper is about to become much easier. photo-bridge

Avacafe offers registered companies:

  • A direct line to consumers interested in your product or service
  • A chance to query interested buyers before product development
  • Display ads to appropriate audiences
  • Information-rich business packages starting at $99

Have you ever wondered if a certain concept product would bear fruit? Instead of expensive research and development efforts, Avacafe offers you a direct line to consumers who are explicitly interested in what you plan to develop. You can now have a better avenue to reach your consumer base for a fraction of the cost.

Companies benefit from the collective mind of pooled Avatars. The secret is in the details of the Avacafe system, which promotes communication directly to you in a form of your design. This means that you can select a specific audience of Avatars based on your desired criteria. Avacafe facilitates access to your audience and guarantees the results are verified before you pay anything.

With communication packages starting at $99, Avacafe gives companies the valuable information needed to succeed.

Avacafe is currently in development. A sign up page is coming soon. Please stay tuned, or send an email to info@avacafe.com for more information.